Spanish newspaper Marca apologises for claiming Tottenham are hated for their Jewish origins - but says Chelsea and West Ham have racist fans

Marca's article is likely to rile fans of West Ham and Chelsea

Marca's article, an attempt to repair the damage done by an earlier piece about Tottenham, is likely to rile fans of West Ham and Chelsea

Monday, October 16, 2017

Spanish newspaper Marca has apologised for an article suggesting that Tottenham Hotspur are heated for their Jewish origins - but the apology may cause further fury among Chelsea and West Ham fans.

In an article published earlier today to preview Tottenham's match with Real Madrid tomorrow night (October 17) the Madrid-based newspaper described Spurs as "hated, but with good footballing style."

The article went on to that that Spurs' "Jewish origin has made them into a club disliked by rival fans," but added "in their 135 years of existence they have always had style and great players."

The piece has prompted fury among Spurs fans, and club officials have said they are "astonished" by the comments.

It has now been removed from the Marca homepage, and replaced with an apology headlined "I am sorry for the confusion created regarding Tottenham". But the 'apology' contained some rather incendiary comments about two other London clubs.

Writer Enrique Ortega claims he and his paper are sorry "for the erroneous interpretation of the erm 'hated' which is... used in the text [of the original piece].

"The 'hatred' that Tottenham suffers is very focused on radical and racist groups that hide in mainstream society, especially, from Chelsea and West Ham. 

"Evidently, those groups are nowhere near representative of English fans or society."

Spurs play Madrid at the Bernabeu tomorrow night, only the third time the two clubs have played in Europe's premier club tournament.

Mauricio Pochettino's team have made a perfect start to the competition and could make it nine points from nine with victory against the defending champions.