Spanish parties 'agree to take control of Catalan Government and media'

Friday, October 20, 2017

Spain's two biggest parties have agreed to take control of the Government in Catalonia and the region's media channels.

That's according to Carmen Calvo, a leading member of the Socialist Workers Party, or PSOE, who claims her group has joined forces with the ruling Partido Popular, or PP.

Calvo told Spanish news outlet Antena 3 that the two parties are going to meet to discuss how to take over and administer the various functions of the Catalan Government, or Generalitat.

Speaking to Antena 3's Espejo Publico programme, Calvo said the recent unrest in Catalonia "has a lot to do, obviously, with an institutional neutrality that has not existed.

"The Generalitat, have to be neutral, they have to comply with the Catalan statute of autonomy and the Spanish Constitution."

When asked whether the taekeover will include the Mossos police force and the regional TV3 news channel, "evidently, evidently. A democratic state has democratic instruments."

Calvo has also claimed that fresh elections in Catalonia will take place in January.

However a source from PP has denied Calvo's claims, telling El Independiente "they've got themselves into this mess... we haven't closed this subject."

Another source cited by the news outlet said there is "no way" elections will take place in just three months' time.