Spanish senator claims she'd have survived the Holocaust because of her 'lazy metabolism'

Spanish senator says she'd have survived the Holocaust because of her 'vague metabolism'

Carmen Riolobos appeared to suggest her body's way of breaking down fat would have helped her to survive the Holocaust

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Spanish senator suggested she would have survived the Holocaust because she has a "lazy metabolism."

Carmen Riolobos, deputy secretary of the conservative People's Party (PP), made the comments in an interview and has provoked a firestorm of criticism. 

In the interview with Spain's Hoy Por Hoy chatshow, she said she eats "very little, very little" and puts on weight nevertheless as her body "consumes very little energy for its activities and accumulates the rest."

Riolobos said: "I always say that we're the people who, if we had lived through the terrible period in which the Nazis starved the Jews to death and then burned them, we'd have been the ones who probably would have finished up surviving the Nazi Holocaust."

She believes her metabolism would have placed her at an advantage over people who "have to eat a lot to burn all the energy they need, because they burn everything.

"There must be some advantages to being prone to get fat."

The stunned presenter replied to Riolobos by saying that "the main advantage is not having lived through a war."

Unsurpisingly the comments have provoked a huge backlash on social media.