Spiders could eat the entire human population in a year, says scientist

Spiders 'could eat the entire human population in a year'

Spiders eat more than you might think

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

If you think it's irrational to be scared of spiders, think again... because in theory they could eat every human on earth within one year.

Of course spiders eat mainly insects, but some actually eat birds, lizards, and small mammals as well.

In light of this biologists Martin Nyffeler and Klaus Birkhofer decided to work out how much all spiders eat in a year, publishing their findings in the Science of Nature journal, according to The Washington Post.

They estimated that spiders eat between 400-800 million tonnes of prey each year, meaning the spiders consume as much meat as all the humans on the planet combined. That's 7 billion humans.

Humans themselves are believed to only eat 400 million tonnes of meat per year.

Spiders' extraordinary appetites can also be quantified in biomass terms. Total adult human biomass is estimated at 287 million tonnes, bnut the amount spiders eat in biomass exceeds this, even if you add on more weight to account for children.