Sports minister: Britain's sporting victories ‘a real treat'

England have won the Cricket World Cup

Monday, July 15, 2019

A massive day of sport that saw England win the Cricket World Cup, the longest-ever men's Wimbledon final and Lewis Hamilton claiming victory in the British Grand Prix was “exhilarating” according to sports minister Mims Davies.

She told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham it was a reminder that TV operators should allow the public to be part of major sporting events.

“When they know there’s a point of national interest - that water cooler moment - absolutely they’ve got to work as a broadcaster with the sport to make sure we get the widest coverage possible,” she said.

“It’s got to find that balance between investment into the grassroots and of course visibility. And of course we’ve got our listed events which we do keep under review.”

More than four-million people watched the cricket final on free-to-air TV, after Channel 4 reached a deal with Sky to share the broadcast rights.

She said the weekend was “something for everyone, whether you like the F1, whether you were a tennis fan or a cricket fan.”

“There were people involved in sport in a way that you wouldn’t normally expect,” she added.

“People young, old, all different backgrounds, all different communities absolutely loving the fact that we were winning the World Cup.”

The England cricket team have celebrated their victory with fans at The Oval, and are expected to attend a Downing Street reception this evening.

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