'Stalking victims are pretty much left on their own and this needs to change', says MP

'Stalking victims are pretty much left on their own and this needs to change', says MP

Emily Maitlis has spoken out about issues she's faced due to stalking

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Victims of stalking are very often left on their own despite the fact it can sometimes become a life-threatening situation, an MP has said.

TV presenter Emily Maitlis has said she fears her stalker, Edward Vines, will never stop harassing her, after she received a letter from the man. Vines, a former friend, is currently in prison for breaking a restraining order.

MP Sarah Wollaston is calling for stalking protection orders to be made law so action can be taken ealier against stalkers.

She told Mike Graham and Katie Perrior: "The gap in the law is that if you’re a victim of so-called 'stranger stalking', that’s to say somebody who isn’t a former or current intimate partner, then you’re pretty much left on your own."

But a stalking protection order would set out "clear restrictions on the person who’s stalking their victim that they can’t contact them or crucially those around them."

The MP explained "stalking isn’t just a nuisance, it can be life-threatening" but "it takes around 100 instances of stalking behaviour before people come forward.

"We need the powers for the police to be able to step in with a clear criminal breach and tough action if it continues so let’s stop it [stalking] an earlier stage."

Wollaston also added "there are very serious questions for the prison to actually respond to" about how Maitlis could have received a letter.

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