Star Trek-style teleportation 'won't work on humans' despite new breakthrough

Star Trek style teleportation: 'There's just too much data to transmit in a human body', but quantum teleportation is improving, says astrophysicist

Quantum teleportation has worked in the city of Calgary, Canada (Wikipedia)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A leading astrophysicist and writer has said that, unfortunately, human teleportation is unlikely, despite recent advances.

Physicists are working on quantum teleportation, and a new breakthrough has enabled them to move information from one location to another without sending it physically.

Alfredo Capirneti, a writer for IFLScience, told talkRADIO quantum teleportation "is a way to transmit the information of a particle over a certain distance, so what you're doing is taking a particle and looking at all its properties and transmitting those properties to another particle.

"The particle at the final point looks exactly like the particle that you started with," he added. "It has the same properties and it would behave in exactly the same way."

Capirneti said this breakthrough "could advance the quantum internet." However he added "there's just too much data to transmit in a human body. Every atom has so much information."

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