Steph and Dom: Sausages, Lego and strange customs

Friday, September 7, 2018

The inimitable Steph and Dom will be discussing sausages, Lego and strange local customs on their Saturday show.

Video: Guinness World Records/Facebook

Lightning-fingered butcher Barry John Crowe (above) will be joining the pair to talk about his meaty Guinness World Record of making 78 sausages in a minute, and morris dancer Steve Austen of Kent's Wantsum Morris troupe will explain all about Canterbury’s Hop Hoodening Festival, the centrepiece of which is a hobby horse with snapping jaws.

The Wantsum Morris dancers of Kent. Image: Wantsum Morris/Facebook

Lego historian - yes, there is such a job - Jette Orduna will be on hand to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Lego minifigure, Steph and Dom will be revisiting the fun from Westminster Dog of the Year, and they’ll be asking that all-important question: how many onions can you eat in an hour?

Join them from 10am-1am every Saturday.