Stephen Doughty MP: No-deal Brexit is ‘an extremely dangerous situation’

Stephen Doughty MP: No-deal Brexit is ‘an extremely dangerous situation’

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Labour MP Stephen Doughty has described a no-deal Brexit as “an extremely dangerous situation”, despite the European Commission releasing outlines of a plan to handle a no-deal Brexit. 

The MP for Cardiff South and Penarth told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “Those suggesting a no-deal Brexit are deeply irresponsible and we have had many senior officials from the Home Office, Police and other agencies, who think this is an extremely dangerous situation.

“It will leave us vulnerable in our security and to huge delays and huge difficulty.

“In terms of the preparations, it is some very bare bones stuff. I have spoken to ministers who have told me some very difficult things about what we would face.

“I think it is deeply irresponsible and I don’t think it is the case that it is the only option.

“There are only a small number of MPs who actually favour a no-deal as an outcome; I would put it as no more than 20 or 30.

“I would say there is no majority for it in the House of Commons – it would be the least popular option. It is not what people voted for.”

The European Commission announced on Wednesday that they have laid out plans for a no-deal Brexit to minimise disruption.


'Project Fear' 

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen accused the Labour MP of “perpetrating no-deal as Project Fear”.

The MP for North West Leicestershire told Hartley-Brewer: “Stephen is just perpetrating no-deal as Project Fear. It is MPs who have undermined negotiations and spread Project Fear themselves, which has left us in a situation where the European Union has never believed that we would leave on no-deal.

“Without the option of leaving without a deal, we have no walk away position and that is why we have ended up with such a bad deal as the Withdrawal Agreement.”

He added: “It is now the job of the eurosceptics to put a lot of pressure on the Government, in particular the Treasury, where we haven’t got any Brexiteers at all.

“We need to prepare for a no-deal and I am quite fond of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s idea of us not crashing out, we are cashing in.”

Watch: Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen discussing no-deal preparations. 

Bridgen said that the EU could be forced to come back to the negotiating table, when they believe the UK will leave on no-deal. 

"The EU know what we have spent preparing for no-deal," he said. "When they believe that we are actually prepared to leave with no deal and they are not going to get the money. 

"I think that you will find that the EU will come back to the table. My preferred choice would be to leave on no-deal and go straight into negotiations for a really comprehensive free trade deal."