Stephen Port: 'There is a lack of communication between dating apps and local law enforcement', says helpline assistant

'We need to protect ourselves online, but we shouldn't make users and websites responsible for crime', says helpline assistant

Stephen Port met his victims online

Thursday, November 24, 2016

There is a lack of communication between online dating apps and law enforcement, says an online safety helpline assistant.

Her comments come as the National Police Chiefs' Council has called for dating apps to take responsibility for protecting their users' safety, after Stephen Port was found guilty of murdering four men he met online.

Carmel Glassbrook from the Professionals Online Safety Helpline told Sam Delaney: "I think there is definitely some lack of communication between dating apps and perhaps local law enforcement.

“We all need to take a level of personal protection when doing this sort of thing," however “I’m not sure really we should be putting all the onus on users and websites.

“I feel like that kind of attitude is putting the onus back on the victim."

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