Stephen Timms MP: Brexit was ‘the whole reason’ Theresa May was elected and she has failed

Stephen Timms MP: Brexit was ‘the whole reason’ Theresa May was elected and she has failed

Prime Minister Theresa May will face a meaningful vote on her Brexit proposals on Tuesday.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Labour MP Stephen Timms has said that “in any rational world” the Government should be removed if Theresa May’s Brexit proposals are voted down on Tuesday.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called for a General Election on Thursday, saying that it would “break the deadlock” around the Brexit debate.

The MP for East Ham told talkRADIO’s Dan Wootton: “I think it is right that there should be a General Election if, as is very widely expected, the Government loses the vote next Tuesday in Parliament on its proposals for the withdrawal.

“This is the central task that the Government has set itself and it looks as though Parliament is not going to agree to those proposals.

“In any rational world, if the Government fails at its central objective – the whole reason Theresa May has been Prime Minister was to get this sorted out, she has failed to do so – the Government ought to go.

“I think what will happen is a vote of no confidence in the Government will be tabled in the event of the Government losing the vote on Tuesday that is certainly what should happen.”

Wootton challenged the Labour MP saying that his party may not win the election if it was to take place.

“The case for having an election is not about who is going to win it, it is a matter of principle,” Mr Timms responded.


Theresa May 'has done her level best'

Anti-Brexit protesters outside the Houses of Parliament. 

Mr Timms praise the Prime Minister for “doing her level best” with the Brexit negotiations but added that he could not support her deal.

“The Prime Minister has genuinely worked very hard to come up with a way of leaving the European Union that minimises the damage to the UK economy,” he said.

“I think it is wise that we recognise that if we were to go ahead with the Prime Minister’s deal then there would be some damage to the UK economy but nothing like as much as if we left with no deal.

“The Prime Minister has tried hard and done her level best but it looks to me that she has failed. I certainly can’t support the deal that she has come up with.

“It looks as though the majority of Members of Parliaments can’t support that deal either.”