Steve Bannon is the most terrifying boss you could ever have, says former Breitbart employee

Steve Bannon: 'The most terrifying boss you could ever have but a visionary,' says former employee

Stephen Bannon

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Donald Trump's new strategy tsar Steve Bannon is a political visionary who predicted the two most seismic political events of 2016, according to a man who worked for him at Breitbart.

James Delingpole, executive editor for the London branch of the conservative news network, also told us about Bannon's links to UKIP and the fearsome work ethic which helped him put Mr Trump in the White House.

"He is the most terrifying boss you could ever have," he told Sam Delaney. "He's like the eye of Sauron, he sees everything."

"He's short-tempered and when he roasts you, he's very foul-mouthed. But he is a genius as well, a political visionary. 

"When I first met him four years ago, he sat me down and outlined what was going to happen. First of all, Britain was going to leave the EU and he was going to help support that by backing UKIP. Then, after that was going to be a domino effect where he was going to take down the corrupt political establishment. 

"During the Trump campaign, He flew Nigel Farage over and got him into the Trump camp. Trump's voter base were fired up by the idea that if there was a peoples' revolution in Britain that voted Brexit, there could be something similar in America and so it came to pass."

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