Steve McCabe MP: 'We need a compromise that gets us out of the EU without damaging people's lives'

Steve McCabe MP: 'We need a compromise that gets us out of the EU without damaging people's lives'

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The government should focus on finding a Brexit plan that allows the UK to leave the EU without “damaging people’s lives”, says Labour MP Steve McCabe.

The member for Birmingham Selly Oak told Mike Graham on talkRADIO that “we’ve got to find the compromise that has the biggest majority”.

So far, this is looking like the Malthouse compromise - named after Tory MP and housing minister Kit Malthouse, who brought together the Remain and Leave camps of the party.

Only an emerging plan at this point, it would extend the transition period from the end of 2020 and in to December 2021 and allow the UK and EU to "prepare properly" for WTO terms or "obviate this outcome by negotiating a mutually beneficial future relationship".

It is reportedly backed by members of both the Remain and Leave camps of the Conservative party.


'Living with the consequences'

“No one apart a relatively small number of people are arguing about the outcome of the referendum,” said Mr McCabe.

“I voted Remain, but I accept the vote. Having accepted we’re leaving, the argument is about how we leave.”

He references reports that Brexit could increase the price of fruit and vegetables and lead to an increase in heart diseases, and that ministers involved in planning for no deal were looking at their powers under the Civil Disobedience Act, including imposing curfews and deploying the military.

“Nobody when they voted for Brexit thought they were voting for anything like that,” Mr McCabe said.

“There is a real issue about how we get from the referendum vote to an exit from the EU that makes sense, that people can live with, that doesn’t wreck the economy or damage their way of life.

“That’s what parliament is struggling to reconcile. That’s what the public are being asked to accept.

“We voted to leave without an exit plan, and we’ve been living with the consequences.”

Votes on Theresa May’s Plan B will take place tonight (Tuesday 29) and amendments from Yvette Cooper, Dominic Grieve, Jeremy Corbyn, Caroline Spelman, Rachel Reeves, Ian Blackford and Sir Graham Brady have been selected for consideration in debate on the Brexit deal.