Steven Woolfe "wanted to run UKIP like North Korea" - says the party's leader in Wales, Neil Hamilton

'We don't want an autocrat running UKIP like happens in North Korea' - Neil Hamilton MP compares Steven Woolfe to Kim Jong-Un

Steven Woolfe: did he want to run the party along similar lines to Kim Jong-Un in North Korea?

Thursday, August 4, 2016

UKIP's leader in the Welsh Assembly has reacted to claims that leadership candidate Steven Woolfe has been "stitched up" by the party's National Exeuctive Committee (NEC), saying Woolfe "stitched himself up" and that his plans for the party were "like North Korea".  

There are suggestions that UKIP could split after Woolfe, the favourite to succeed Nigel Farage as head of the party, was blocked from the leadership race after filing his application 17 minutes too late. Three members of the NEC resigned in protest at the decison.  

But Neil Hamilton, who heads the party in Wales, told Sam Delaney that Woolfe had only himself to blame.

"He's stitched himself up – he knew what the rules were," Hamilton said. "Everybody elese got their application in on time, why couldn't he?

"Why did he leave it to the last minute anyway? He's been campaigning for this job for years." 

Questioned about Woolfe's plans for the party, Hamilton added: "I'm not in favour of what he wants to do to UKIP, which is basically take the democracy out the party by abolishing the National Executive elected by the members as the supreme democratic body which controls the way the party is run and what it stands for.  

"We don't want an autocrat running UKIP like happens in North Korea." 

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