Stewart Jackson: Downing Street's Brexit strategy 'is like the Wizard of Oz - you pull the curtain back and there's not much there'

Downing Street

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Stewart Jackson has compared the government's Brexit strategy to the Wizard of Oz, claiming behind the curtain "there's not much there".

The former aide to David Davis made the comments on the Mike Graham show, broadcast live from College Green in the wake of last night's meaningful vote.



When asked by talkRADIO's political editor, Ross Kempsell, whether he could shine a light on what the government's next move was, Mr Jackson replied: "It's a bit like the Wizard of Oz - you pull the curtain back and there's really not much there."

"That's the terrifying thought," he added.

The Prime Minister's Brexit deal was rejected by MPs in yesterday's vote, and opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn is set to table a no-confidence motion in the government today.


'Massive defeat'

A People's Vote campaigner outside Parliament hours before the meaningful vote. Image: Getty

Despite the rejection, Mr Jackson urged the Prime Minister to use the defeat as "leverage" in negotiations with Brussels.

"She needs to focus on one objective, which is to go back to Brussels, use the chink of armour, the leverage she got from this massive defeat," he said.

"We've just got to put dogma aside, have some pragmatism and the whole of the House of Commons has to support Theresa May in one last effort to unlock the backstop, and try and get a deal."