STI crisis will grow if sexual health service cuts continue, warns charity

Terrence Higgins Trust warns 'if cuts to sexual health services continue STI cases will increase'

Ian Green has warned against cuts to sexual health services (Stock image)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

If cuts to sexual health services continue there will be a steady increase to sexually transmitted diseases, according to a leading charity which operates in this field.

The Terrence Higgins Trust provides voluntary sexual health and HIV services. Local councils in England say sexual health services are at a tipping point as the amount of visits people make has increased but funding for the service is cut.

Ian Green, the chief executive of the trust, told John Nicolson that he thinks the main reason for the rise in visits is that "people are taking responsibility for their sexual health."

But he believes that, due to cuts and clinics closing, "people won’t be able to access good quality sexual health services when they need them.

"If they're still having sex that’s then going to mean there’s going to be a steady increase in sexually transmitted diseases."

Green also thinks there is a problem with sex education and believes people shouldn't be able to opt out. He claims the curriculum hasn't been reviewed for decades and we need to make sure our "education process is responding to modern-day life" now.

The HIV prevention drug PrEP is now also going to be available on an NHS trial in England, but Green argued "a trial is not good enough. What we want to see is PrEP accessible and available to all those who need it."

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