Stockholm terror suspect Rakhmat Akilov 'was chatting to Isis supporter before and after attack'

A couple hug in front of a flower covered police car at the site where the truck drove into a department store in Stockholm, Sweden

A couple hug in front of a flower covered police car at the site where a truck drove into the department store in Stockholm, Sweden

Monday, April 10, 2017

The man suspected of perpetrating Friday's terror attack in Stockholm was in a Whatsapp conversation with a supporter of Islamic State before and after the atrocity, local reports suggest.

The Independent reports that screenshots of Rakhmat Akilov's messages were published on an Isis forum. It is claimed that Akilov was asking for advice on how to create explosives.

Police have confirmed Akilov previously expressed sympathy for Isis, and a source cited by Swedish newspaper Expressen claims he admitted responsibility for the attack during interrogation.

The source also claims Akilov said he had received orders directly from Isis leaders in Syria, and expressed satisfaction for what he had done.

Akilov, originally from Uzbekistan, is suspect of hijacking a truck from a brewery company and ramming it into a busy department store, killing at least four people.

The father-of-four had applied for a visa in 2014 but the application was rejected in December. He was then ordered to leave the country within four weeks, but failed to do so.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said on Sunday: “It makes me extremely frustrated – if you have you been turned down, leave the country.”