Stop and search campaigner: Police are 'alienating' the black community with 'racial profiling'

Police implementing stop and search at the 2018 Notting Hill Carnival

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

A campaigner has suggested stop and search is ‘alienating’ the black community, with calls to stop “racial profiling”.

The comments come after Sajid Javid is expected to announce plans to extened stop and search powers.

Under the new plans it will allow police to stop anyone suspected of carrying acid, laser pointers as well as drones.

The plans are expected to go to a public consultation before they would eventually go through Parliament to be voted on by MPs, before coming into UK law.

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Ken Hinds, a stop and search campaigner, was talking to Julia Hartley-Brewer on talkRADIO this morning, and has suggested that police already have “all the powers they need” to stop and search people acting suspiciously.

 “Thankfully this is not going to be implemented straight away as a public consultation is about to be undertaken first of all,” he said.

“Secondly, I believe they’ve got all the powers they need as it currently goes. I don’t understand how they’re giving them greater powers around acid attacks, or detecting acid and what does that really look like and what does that mean?"

Hinds acknowledged the fact that most of the public are in favour of stop and search, but questioned the way police conducted them on the streets.

“I would say that most of the public are in favour of stop and search, but if you ask them a more detailed question what they should be stopped and searched for is what we need to get to,” he said.

“They would probably say guns, knives and acid attacks amounts to most serious things to be looked on.

“Also the major issue around here is whether if the police are able to do this professionally, because a lot of the young people I come across say the police are very aggressive and in some cases they are violent, and they are not being held accountable.

“We are seeing past things that have happened that have been picked up on video, they don’t get any disciplinary action.”


‘Racial Profiling’

According to Stop Watch in the 2016/2017 period black people were stopped and searched at just over four times the rate of white people across London.

Hinds went onto argue that the black community were “disproportionally” affected by the violence and encouraged the police to stop racial profiling when it come to stop and search.

“The black community are disproportionally affected by the violence, both the victim and perpetrator, but it’s not exclusive to our community,” he said.

“There was a shooting of a young Turkish man yesterday in Harringey, it just shows you that at the end of the day that these things are not the domain of any particular community, we need to step up.”

“What they [the police] must stop doing is this racial profiling, for the sake of saying ‘Well, okay it’s black-on-black crime, we must search a black man on this’, because it doesn’t equate, it all it does is alienate the very community being affected by this.

“So on the one hand you can’t say, ‘oh, let’s do it’ and then forgot about the consequences, remember there’s been two serious public disorders, in 1981 the Brixton riot and 2011 the Tottenham riots, that extended to country wide.”