Stop engaging with ‘disgusting’ comments about Leicester City helicopter crash, says social media expert

Stop engaging with ‘disgusting’ comments about Leicester City helicopter crash, says social media expert

Monday, October 29, 2018

Social media expert Adam Gray has said that people should stop engaging with trolls after one social media user posted ‘disgusting’  comments about Leicester City owner, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha who died in a helicopter crash on Saturday.

Social media users have been criticised after making jokes about the crash that killed five people.

A Manchester United fan account was criticised after it used the helicopter crash to ask if the Glazers – owners of Manchester United – had a helicopter.

Other users made jokes about the owner’s name and his race.

Mr Gray, co-founder of Digital Leadership Associates told talkRADIO’s Matthew Wright: “I think it is very difficult to do anything about it because social media is a mirror of society.

“When this is acceptable in society to behave this way, people will continue to do this.

“It is the same way that they stand up in speaker’s corner and say something offensive to people.

“Whatever platform you give people, they will use it.

“I think the way that you deal with this is by society giving it the cold shoulder.

“If you stand up at speaker’s corner and everybody walks away, it is a much more visible reflection of this.

“If they just stop commenting, stop liking, stop sharing, stop engaging in the conversation.”

He added: “If nobody interacts with it then it won’t gain any momentum and it stops.

“That is a learning in society.”


'Censor freedom of speech' 

Mr Gray described the comments as “unacceptable” but said there was often a grey area that people could be accused of “censoring freedom of speech”.

“Now from the social media company’s perspective, it would seem like it is obvious where Facebook or twitter say it is unacceptable,” he said.

“I think most people would agree that me having a difference in opinion with you about something that has happened, is totally different about me trolling you and posting offensive stuff.

“But, there is a grey area in the middle where it boils down to whether or not you want to censor freedom of speech.

“Whilst I would never say the things posted about the helicopter crash were acceptable, there is an area in between where it is a matter of opinion, and that is the danger.”