Stop the War branded 'Putin apologists' over Aleppo as Twitter war gets nasty

Both sides of the Stop the War debate have been having their say on social media

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Boris Johnson's decision to call out Stop the War yesterday has provoked a furious Twitter debate, with some branding the anti-war group 'Putin apologists' while others defend them.

Johnson yesterday asked "Where is the Stop the War coalition?" during a debate in Aleppo, implying that the group is doing little to condemn the alleged Russian atrocities in the Syrian city.

Stop the War organiser Chris Nineham appeared on talkRADIO this morning to defend the group's reticence on the issue, while suggesting the UK and US are more culpable than Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for the failure to break the impasse in the country.

The issue has predictably sparked a heated response on Twitter, with representatives of both sides having their say.

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