Storm Harvey makes landfall again in Louisiana

Storm Harvey makes landfall again in Louisiana

Harvey has already caused major flooding in Texas

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Storm Harvey has made landfall on the south coast of the United States for a second time. 

The storm has landed near the city of Cameron in the state of Louisiana. 

Harvey, which had been a category four hurricane prior to its first landfall, has already caused widespread flooding in the neighbouring state of Texas. 

The storm has displaced thousands of people and Houston has been left particularly badly affected.

A storm surge warning is in place across areas of Louisiana, from Holly Beach to Morgan City, with cautions of the water levels potentially rising two to four feet above dry land. 

Tuesday night saw the US Weather Service issue its most severe flood warning alert. 

Louisiana has suffered damage from major hurricanes in the past - notably Hurricane Katrina of 2005, which flooded roughly 80% of New Orleans.