Streatham couple 'admit funding Isis terrorist who predicted Paris Charlie Hebdo massacre'

Police gather outside the offices of Charlie Hebdo following the attack by Islamic State militants in January 2015 (Getty)

Monday, October 3, 2016

A married couple from Streatham, South London have reportedly admitted sending hundreds of pounds to an Islamic State militant.

Mohammed Golamaully, 48, and wife Nazimabee Golamaully, 45, admitted sending £219 to their nephew Zafirr Golamaully, according to Court News.

Zafirr Golamaully is thought to be fighting for Isis in Syria. Just days before militants attacked the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo and killed a number of staff in January 2015, he reportedly sent a tweet predicting the attack.

The court heard Zafirr Golamaully travelled from his home in Mauritius to join Isis, and spoke to his uncle via WhatsApp to request help in deceiving his parents.

In March 2014, shortly before travelling to Syria, Zafirr messaged his uncle to say: "Told them I'm going to get 'nursing' training and that I won't be available for next two weeks." Mohammed replied saying the story "sounds plausible."

The court was also told that Mohammed Golamaully sent the money to his nephew without his parents' consent, and their donation was only discovered by police investigating a global terror funding network.

The BBC reports that Zafirr's sister, Lubnaa, also travelled to Syria in March 2015 and asked her uncle for help buying a gun.

Mohammed and Nazimabee Golamaully are jointly charged with one count of fundraising for terrorism on or before August 13, 2014, contrary to Section 15 (3) of the Terrorism Act 2000.

Nazimabee Golamaully was detained by members of the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command in April 2015. Here husband was arrested in December 2015. The pair were charged on April 2015, and will be sentenced in November.