Strictly Come Dancing: Alexandra Burke reveals she's 'mentally scarred' by trolls

Strictly Come Dancing: Alexandra Burke reveals she's 'mentally scarred' by trolls

Alexandra Burke was accused of being 'fake'

Friday, January 12, 2018

Alexandra Burke has said the abuse and criticism she received from trolls during her time on Strictly Come Dancing has "mentally scarred" both her and her family.

The former X Factor champion was accused of being "fake" when she cried on the dancing show and branded a diva in reports.

However, the singer said her positive experiences far outweighed the negative ones and she was excited to reunite with her partner Gorka Marquez for the Strictly live tour.

She said: "I had a really rough ride. I think it got to maybe week 11 and I spoke out and that is when it kind of stopped.

"Not stopped totally, but a lot of people stuck up for me. A lot of love was there before, but it just came through so much after I finally said it was damaging, and I'm not going to lie, I don't miss that part of it at all.

"That part of it mentally scarred me and still has and it's done that to my family as well, but I think we are strong, we will bounce back already."

Burke lost her mother, Soul II Soul singer Melissa Bell, shortly before the show began and said the family was trying to heal.

She said: "We had an OK Christmas, an OK New Year and it's about moving forward and not allowing the negative to get in the way, because Strictly is such a joyous show, with so much love and it taught me so much.

"To be able to dance with Gorka, that I could only dream of, that part of it totally outweighs the negative."