Student 'shot dead during armed robbery' in California

Student 'shot dead during armed robbery' in California

Police are still searching for some of the suspects (Stock image)

Thursday, November 16, 2017

An Indian student has allegedly been shot dead by a group of armed burglars at a shop in California.

It is claimed the 21-year-old was working at the shop when four people started to steal products on Tuesday night (November 14), according to The Times of India.

Reports claim that Dharampreet Singh Jasser was hiding behind the till but the thieves shot him as they left the shop.

It wasn't until Wednesday (November 15) that the robbery and shooting was reported to the police as a customer allegedly saw the body of Jasser on the shop floor.

It is thought the student was originally from India and had moved to America three years ago to study accounting.

A 22-year-old believed to be part of the armed robbery group has been arrested by police and charged with charged with murder and robbery.

The other three suspects are still being searched for by police officers.