Student slams 'morally corrupt' peers for using plastic water bottles

Water Bottle

Friday, January 25, 2019

A University of Edinburgh student has accused her peers of being "morally corrupt" for buying plastic bottles of water.

The 19-year-old student compared using singe-use plastic bottles to "being homophobic" and thinking "climate change isn't real".

Writing on student news site The Tab, Anne van der Poel added that the practice “needs to stop”.



“If you're a morally corrupt person who relies on single-use plastic water bottles to keep you hydrated throughout your life, you are literally wasting money," she said.

“Let's say you buy three 85p water bottles a week – you're spending £132.60 on water every year."


'No joke'

The second-year English literature student, who grew up in Luxembourg, said ignorance towards the impact of plastics on the planet was not an excuse.

“Everyone has at least one environmentally-aware acquaintance who insistently shares articles and videos on Facebook about the dire situation our planet is currently in," she said.



“Annoying as this may be, it is no joke, and everyone has to play their part.

“If you are unwilling to make the most simple changes, like not buying plastic bags and owning a reusable water bottle, you need to re-evaluate what kind of person you are.”