Student who tweeted 'women don't have penises' banned from free speech event


Angelos Sofocleous. Image: SWNS

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A student who sparked a transphobia row after tweeting “women don't have penises” has been excluded from a university debate about free speech.

Philosophy student, Angelos Sofocleous, came under fire last August, after he posted on Twitter "RT if women don't have penises".

The resulting row saw him sacked from his role as president of Humanist Students and assistant editor of Durham University's philosophy society journal.

Now, the student claims he has been "de-platformed", after being axed from the speaker line-up at an event at Bristol University, hosted by the Free Speech society.

The official reason is over security concerns but the university has been accused of using “excessive bureaucracy” as an excuse to stop him speaking.



In response, Angelos tweeted: “Nothing could provide a more ironic indication of the current status of social justice orthodoxy in academia than banning a speaker from an event titled ‘Free speech on campus’.”

The Bristol University event takes place Wednesday and is asking: "Is there a problem with free speech on campus?"


'Committed to freedom of speech'

The university's student union said it had not refused Angelos as a speaker, claiming it was "committed to freedom of speech" and the right to discuss "difficult and sensitive topics".

A spokesperson from Bristol SU said: “Bristol SU and the University of Bristol have a joint external speakers procedure, which applies to all bookings and events.

"Bristol SU made an initial assessment of the speaker and recommended that security would be needed to ensure this event could run safely and smoothly."