'Students achieve more by receiving comments rather than grades', says headteacher

'Students achieve more by receiving comments rather than grades', says headteacher

The school is attempting to reduce stress (Stock image)

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Students receiving comments rather than grades enables them to reflect on their work more and thus helps them to improve, a headteacher has claimed.

Teachers have decided to stop handing grades to students at a private London school in an attempt to reduce stress in years seven, eight and nine. The all-girls Putney High School is only giving out comments to pupils, offering tips on how to improve.

Headteacher at the school Suzie Longstaff told Mike Graham and Katie Perrior: "Our research shows if you give the students constructive comments rather than a grade they do reflect more on it they think more about it and it really helps them to do better.

"Teachers 'comment on 'what works well' and 'it would be even better if', [it] goes down really well with the students​ and yes it makes everybody engage with the work.

"It’s trying to stop everybody being fixated on the grades" but "there are points that you will give them a grade for example if you have end of year tests and also at GCSEs and A-Level and SATs."

The reaction from parents has been "really positive so far, a lot of parents who work as you expect in industry that a lot of companies are moving away from numerical evaluation as well."

She added that school is "about equipping students to stand up, stand out in their career in the future and to flourish, be happy individuals who are going to give something back to society."

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