Students hold protest after racist Snapchat photo is shared

Students hold protest after racist Snapchat photo is shared

The photo was first shared on Snapchat

Monday, February 19, 2018

A protest has been held at a university in New York against a racist Snapchat photo which was shared between students.

The photo, shared by State University of New York at Plattsburgh students, included the n-word and referenced "lynching" black people, NBC 5 News said.

A student told Teen Vogue that at first the image was only sent to four people, however it spread further last week.

DeAysia Cerrone said this is not the first time an incident like this has happened, yet last time "nothing was done about it."

She said the aim of the protest was to call for action against the racism and students felt the need to show "how we truly felt about this" else "nothing would be done."

During the protest student held placards which featured the image and Cerrone said many gave their own personal views on the matter.

The chief diversity officer at the university spoke to The Press Republican and said many students fear for their safety as the majority of people in the area are white.

Dr J W Wiley said there are often racist comments shouted from people in cars as well as graffiti and confederate flags. He added: "The students accused the administration of inadequate leadership when it came to racial incidents."

The vice president of student affairs at the university has now written a letter to students saying the code of conduct at the school will be changed. Bryan Hartman said: "As a campus, we will continue to collectively and actively work against such efforts to divide communities and spew hate," NBC 5 News reported.