Students share 'highly offensive racist photo' on social media

Students share 'highly offensive racist photo' on social media

The photo was first posted on Snapchat

Thursday, February 1, 2018

A school has warned students who posted a racist photo online that they will face "serious consequences" if caught.

Marcus High School in Texas discovered that an image which was first posted on Snapchat was being shared on social media.

The “highly offensive photo” included a student and a whiteboard which had a racist message written on it. This was captioned: “What it’s like at Marcus.”

Principal Gary Shafferman informed parents about the photo in a letter stating "this type of hateful speech will not be tolerated at Marcus High School," according to NBC.

Parents have been outraged by the incident, one grandparent said when she saw the photo she was "beside myself."

She said we must "take a stand and do something" to create change, otherwise it will be a matter that "slides back under the carpet after things die down."

The woman also said she hopes the school now educates the children about race and people from different backgrounds.

This was also reflected in the Principal's letter which said whilst there is "anger and frustration" pupils want this to be "an opportunity for our campus to learn and grow."