Suit company under fire for 'sexist' adverts featuring naked men and clothed women

Suit company under fire for 'sexist' adverts featuring naked men and clothed women

Suitsupply is advertising its new company Suistudio (Stock image)

Friday, October 13, 2017

A suit company has come under fire as it is claimed its latest ad campaign is sexist because it features naked men and clothed women.

Suitsupply is about to launch a sister company in New York named Suistudio, which will sell clothing for women, according to The Hindustan Times.

It has released photos online as part of its #NotDressingMen campaign which feature women dressed in suits and naked male bodies in the background, their faces hidden.

Social media users have claimed this is sexist as men are being objectified, but Suistudio has hit back saying it wants equality for all.

The company claims sex is part of fashion and "if a woman has a handsome, naked man in her apartment, she is not objectifying him. Nobody knows what she is doing with that man. He merely becomes an object in the photo as does the couch and the suit and the other objects."

Vice president of Suistudio Kristina Barricelli said: "The problem is in recent history, we haven’t seen men objectified in the background.

“The moment you take an image and photograph it, it becomes an object. We like naked men and I’m pretty sure there are lots of women that like them too.”

However Barricelli has said the idea of the campaign was not to flip gender stereotypes, but many on social media believe this is the case.

But this has not stopped many from criticising Suistudio. One Facebook user commented "we hate when this is done to women, so should we do it to men?" Another said "We need role equality not reversal."

Some though have praised the idea as one user said "this campaign is clever because It highlights how ridiculous the usual gender portrayals are."