SunTalks: Boris Johnson insists 'we can take £350 million back'

SunTalks: Boris Johnson says 'we can take £350 million back'

The Foreign Secretary challenged Labour to recognise the sum

Friday, June 2, 2017

Boris Johnson has insisted Brexit will allow us to take £350 million back from the European Union during our SunTalks debate last night.

The sum was a routine pledge made during the referendum campaign on the Leave side. Leave campaigners suggested it would be a chance to stop sending money to the EU and funnel it elsewhere, like into the NHS. 

The claim has been heavily criticised in the months since the referendum. But Johnson, speaking at the SunTalks debate hosted by talkRADIO and The Sun, maintained this pledge was accurate and challenged Labour to recognise it. 

He said: "I'd also point out that frankly there is an opportunity to take back control of sums of money. 

"How much is it a week we can take back from Brussels? You know what I'm going to say, it's about £350 million a week. 

"Does Labour understand that? If they deny that, if they think it's mythical, then you risk voting for a party who won't take back control of huge sums."

Listen above.