SunTalks: Emily Thornberry says Labour would renew Trident... but also hold a defence review

SunTalks: Emily Thornberry defends spending review on defence

The shadow foreign secretary was taking part in the SunTalks debate

Friday, June 2, 2017

Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry has said Labour will definitely be renewing Trident... but will also have a defence review.

The Labour election candidate made the comments while taking part in the SunTalks debate, hosted by The Sun and talkRADIO, when the issue of defence spending came up. 

Labour's approach to Britain's nuclear deterrent has been the subject of fierce scrutiny. Although leader Jeremy Corbyn, and indeed Thornberry herself, are sceptical of Trident's value, the Labour manifesto contains a firm commitment to its renewal.

Thornberry said: "Labour party policy has been settled and we are renewing trident and indeed, the vote went through the House of Commons. That's that." 

But she continued: "Every new government has a defence review and we would have one too," prompting jeers from the audience and an intervention from Boris Johnson.


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