Supreme Court: 'People need to stop playing games over Brexit', says MP Tim Loughton

Supreme Court: 'People need to stop trying to be so disingenuous and stop playing games', says MP Tim Loughton

Anti-Brexit protesters are seen outside the Supreme Court

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

People need to stop playing games and the Government needs to announce the options we're considering for Brexit, says MP Tim Loughton.

The Supreme Court is continuing to hear the case over whether Parliament should be consulted about triggering Article 50. Meanwhile the Government has agreed to publish a document outlining its negotiating strategy, following pressure from MPs.

Loughton, a member of the home affairs select committee, told Julia Hartley-Brewer that "people are playing games and people should stop trying to be so disingenuous."

The Government just need to "reveal something - you’ve got to have a framework, you’ve got to have options we’re considering" Loughton continued. If they announce these options, he said, then "we’d leave it and trust the Prime Minister" to carry out the process.

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