Supreme Court president Lord Neuberger urges Government to clarify EU law post-Brexit

Lord Neuberger calls on Government for clarity about EU law post-Brexit

The Supreme Court president made the call in an interview with the BBC

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The President of the UK Supreme Court has said the Government has to provide more clarity on what role the European Court of Justice will play after Brexit.

Lord Neuberger said it wouldn’t be fair to lay blame on the judges for making law when Parliament had “failed” to do the same.

Ministers have clarified that the jurisdiction of the European Court will end once the UK leaves the European Union.

However, they have also made clear the UK courts should incorporate various ECJ laws into existing UK legislation on issues such as employment rights.

In an interview with the BBC, Lord Neuberger said the Government would have to clearly outline what judges should do about the ECJ law, otherwise they would have to “simply do their best.”

A spokesman for the Government said the Repeal Bill aims to provide maximum certainty that the UK will continue to use law originating from the ECJ as it stands now.