Surge in applications to register to vote

MPs will vote today on holding a December 12 election

Monday, October 28, 2019

Nearly two million people have applied to register to vote in the past eight weeks, according to government figures.

The figure is almost double the number for the previous eight weeks.

Since the Prime Minister first proposed an election in early September, the number of applications to vote has averaged around a quarter of a million every week.

In total, 1,966,876 applications were submitted in the eight weeks to October 27.

More than half of the applications (58 per cent) were submitted by people aged 34 and under, with 7 per cent coming from over 65's.

There were big spikes in applications on September 3 and 4 (64,485 and 82,442 respectively), which coincided with a vote in the House of Commons on September 4 to hold an election on October 15.

Although the government lost that particular vote, enthusiasm for registering to vote did not tail off in the following days and weeks.

The biggest spike so far this month was on October 24, when 44,592 applications were submitted.

If a snap general election was to take place on December 12, the deadline for applying to register to vote is likely to be November 25.

If polling day is December 9, the deadline would be November 20.

MPs will vote today on whether to back plans to hold a December 12 election.

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