Surgeon vows to complete first-ever human head transplant in less than a year

Surgeon claims the first human head transplant will take place in less than a year

Sergio Canavero claims the first human head transplant will take place soon

Friday, April 28, 2017

A surgeon has claimed he will complete the first-ever human head transplant within the next 10 months in China.

Sergio Canavero first announced his plan to perform the operation in 2015, claiming it would be done within the next two years, according to Cnet.

It was originally believed that the surgery would be given to Valery Spiridonov, who has Werdnig-Hoffmann disease.

However the Italian surgeon has now told German magazine OOOM that if all goes to plan, he will perform the surgery on a Chinese patient.

The method for a human head transplant was published in a medical paper in 2013, and the operation is believed to take around 36 hours.

Canavero claims that he has already conducted a head transplant on a monkey, and it is reported that his surgical team will be led by Xiaoping Ren, from Harbin Medical University, who published research on head transplants for mice in 2014 and took part in the world's first-ever hand transplant.

Canavero has also claimed that in the next three years he plans to complete a brain transplant. He said "A brain transplant has many advantages: first, there is barely any immune reaction, which means the problem of rejection does not exist. The brain is, in a manner of speaking, a neutral organ.

"What may be problematic, however, is that no aspect of your original external body remains the same. Your head is no longer there; your brain is transplanted into an entirely different skull."