Susanna Reid on her 'love-hate' relationship with Piers Morgan

Susanna Reid spills the details on working with on Piers Morgan

Susanna Reid

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Susanna Reid has shed more light on the experience of working with Piers Morgan. 

With the ever-controversial presenter as her co-host on Good Morning Britain on ITV, she revealed more about their working relationship in an interview with James Whale and Ash Gould at last night's Sun Military Awards.

"He's alright and not," she told them. "He's the man you have the love-hate relationship with. I used to say that as a joke about people, now I know what they mean. 

"The thing about Piers is that he doesn't care if anyone likes him."

She also recounted the rather amusing story of how she was lambasted by Piers for "people-pleasing" after complementing a Christmas jumper.

Listen above.