Suspects in Malaysia Airlines Ukraine crash to be prosecuted in the Netherlands

Suspects of shot down Malaysia Airlines flight to be prosecuted in the Netherlands

The plane came down in Ukraine at the height of the conflict in 2014

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Dutch government has said that those suspected of shooting down the Malaysia Airlines flight over Ukraine in 2014 will be prosecuted in the Netherlands.

Bert Koenders, the foreign minister, said the decision to prosecute in the Netherlands was agreed by Malaysia, Australia, Belgium and Ukraine as well as the Dutch government.

He also said that the various countries will continue to work together on the prosecutions, which should cover the 298 victims, The Journal said.

It is not clear who the suspects are, but last year investigators said they wanted to talk to 100 people over the matter.

Flight 17 was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it was knocked out of the sky, whilst Russia-backed separatists and Ukrainian troops fought.

Last year an international criminal investigation found that a missile was fired at the plane from rebel-controlled territory by a mobile launcher which had been brought in from Russia.

However, Russia has claimed it wasn't involved and says the finding is politically biased.

The Russian military has also said that radar data the south of Russia shows the missile used against Flight 17 didn't come from rebel-controlled territory.

Originally Malaysia wanted to set up an international court to try suspects but Russia vetoed a UN Security Council resolution to this effect.