Suzanne Evans suspended from Twitter for 'transphobic' comment

Suzanne Evans

Suzanne Evans has been suspended from Twitter following allegations of transphobia

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Former UKIP deputy chair Suzanne Evans has had her Twitter account temporarily suspended for breaching the platform’s policy on hateful conduct.

Referring to a joint appearance on BBC's Newnight in 2016, Ms Evans accused prominent trans activist Paris Lees of not behaving in a “ladylike” manner.

Ms Evans told Ms Lees: “When I was unfortunate enough to encounter you, you were unbelievably nasty and aggressive. Dare I say it, not the slightest bit ‘ladylike.’”



Several users, including left-wing author Owen Jones, accused Ms Evans of using transphobic language.


The exchange between Suzanne Evans and Paris Lees. 

Ms Evans has denied that she was being transphobic, adding that Ms Lees “WAS nasty, aggressive and unladylike. And I’d say it to anyone.”

A former Conservative councillor, Ms Evans defected to UKIP in 2013 and served as the deputy chair before  unsuccessfully standing for leader in 2016.

She resigned from the party last year in opposition to the direction taken by current party leader Gerard Batten.