Suzy Richards: Woman who lost three relatives in 2015 Tunisia attack describes her ordeal

Suzy Richards on the Run for Joel and dealing with her loss after Tunisia terror attack

Richards (pictured with son Owen, who survived the attack) lost her son, brother, and father in the events

Friday, September 8, 2017

A woman who lost three family members in the Tunisia terror attack of 2015 has spoken candidly about her efforts to cope with the loss through charity work. 

Suzy Richards's son Joel, brother Adrian Evans, and father Patrick Evans were killed by jihadist Seifeddine Rezgui in the attack on Sousse in June 2015. 

Last year, Richards and her other son Owen - who witnessed the attack - have organised a charity event called Run For Joel to support families and victims of terrorism. 

It was a success, raising over £27,000, and with the event to be held again on Sunday, Richards said it was the perfect way to remember her son. 

She told Paul Ross and Carole Malone: "My son loved running, loved getting people into sport.

"He was going to go all the way to the top to be a referee at premier level, he was very much into grassroots sports and getting people off the settee so this is perfect for him. 

"Last year we had up to 1,000 people take part, so we’re hoping we can get that again this Sunday."

She also spoke candidly about dealing with her loss, and had advice for families struggling to deal with the aftermath of terrorism.

"Every day is a challenge, every day something different happens which makes you turn around and realise they’re still not here.

"They can never be filled. That gap, that loss will never be put right. It’s very easy to get bitter, and I try not to do it, that’s why we chose to do a charity, to be more positive, to keep their memories alive that way.

"They have to take each day as it comes, they’ll have good days and bad days.

"For the bad days, sit and cry and accept them. Then say tomorrow you’ll have a good day."

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