Swedish army marks gay pride with rainbow-laced military boots

Swedish Armed Forces mark pride with rainbow laced military boots

The laces were changed in military boots (Stock image)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sweden's armed forces have marked Stockholm Pride by putting rainbow laces in military boots.

The forces posted a photo of the boots on Facebook with the message: "We are prepared to go as far as necessary.

"Your right to live how you wish, as you want and with who you want is our duty to defend. And we are prepared to give everything to do that."

The post received more than 600 shares and 5,000 likes, making it one of the most successful posts on the page, according to The Local.

Nemo Stjernstrom, from the armed forces' communications department, told The Local that with the post they wanted to show the army stands for the rights of all people and everyone is welcome in a free and tolerant Sweden.

He added that putting the colours of pride into the uniform sends a clear message about what the army means and stands for.

However not all comments on the post were positive. One user wrote: "Here I was thinking that the armed forces' duty is to defend the Swedish nation's borders."

Stjernstrom responded by saying: "What we are defending is more than just territory and our borders. It's our democratic governance, our laws, our freedoms and rights. Everything that makes Sweden Sweden."