'Symbolic SOS signal' flashed to Europe from south coast

Monday, April 1, 2019

More than 400 people gathered on the south coast to send a symbolic SOS signal to Europe on Saturday.

Armed with mirrors of all sizes, pro-EU campaigners they reflected the sun’s rays, flashing out a “symbolic SOS call” up to 46 miles from Saltdean, near Brighton.

The EU SOS installation was created by Bristol-based street artist Duncan McKellar, who completed a similar piece along the US and Mexico border last year.

“There is a well-documented mood in the nation of a feeling of being detached from what is going on, and feeling utter despair with the government,” Mr McKellar told talkRADIO.

“I wanted to give people a calm and jolly way to give vent to and reflect on those frustrations.

 “The fact that so many people turned up is great because it showed that there is still unity and we have a sense of humour.”

The coastguard gave permission to Mr McKellar to create the work, although stipulated that participants could not create a synchronised SOS symbol for fear it may affect shipping.

Mr McKellar said he had chosen the location because he wanted to transform the white cliffs from a symbol of defence to a symbol of outreach.


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