Syria airstrikes: Assad regime blames US action on false propaganda

West backs US airstrike on Syrian airbase as Russia condemns 'American aggression'

Donald Trump launched the strike in the late hours of Thursday

Friday, April 7, 2017

Bashar al-Assad's regime has called the US airstrikes on Syria "rash" and said the US was "naively dragged in."

The Syrian presidency has said Donald Trump was lured into action by false propaganda, despite the clear evidence of a massive attack on the town of Khan Sheikhun this week.

The West has backed the critical airstrike upon the airbase from which the chemical attacks on Khan Sheikhun were launched. 

Late on Thursday, Donald Trump ordered cruisers in the Mediterrean to fire a surprise barrage of 59 Tomahawk missles at Al Shayrat Airfield.

This is the Syrian government airbase from which US officials claim the nerve agent assault against Khan Sheikhun was launched.

The strike has received support from key allies in the West like France and the UK. 

A spokesperson for Downing Street said: "The US took action against the Syrian regime, targeting the airfield which launched this week's chemical weapons attack.

"The UK Government fully supports the US in this action. We believe this an appropriate response to the Syrian regime's attack, intended to deter further attacks."

The Russians have a presence at the airbase. While they were warned of the bombardment ahead of time, the Kremlin has still called it aggressive and a "violation" of international law.

It has said it could do "significant damage" to US-Russia relations.