Syrian Army liberates key oil field as Raqqa offensive against Isis begins

Syrian Army liberates oil field as Raqqa offensive on Isis begins in earnest

Raqqa is believed to be the de-facto capital of the terror group

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Syrian soliders launched the beginning of the offensive to liberate the city of Raqqa from the hold of Islamic State on Monday - and have already made key inroads.

Raqqa is widely seen to be the de-facto capital of the group's caliphate, and efforts have been ongoing to take it back from the militants. 

On Monday, the Syrian Arab Army attacked Isil's last positions in the west of the province surrounding the city. 

Al Masdar News reports government forces managed to free a key oil field from the control of the militants as they pushed them back towards Raqqa. 

However the army is holding off on entering Raqqa itself, due to wariness surrounding any traps or devices which may have been set up by fleeing Isis fighters.