Syrian refugee school budgets are missing millions, claims human rights group

Human rights group claims Syrian refugee school aid budgets are missing millions

Many Syrian refugees don't attend school (Stock image)

Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Human Rights Group has claimed there are millions of dollars missing from school aid budgets for Syrian refugees based in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

Human Rights Watch claims more than 500,000 refugees did not attend school last year and this is partly due to lack of funds, according to Al Jazeera.

Pupils in Lebanon have to attend school for just half a day to allow all of the children to gain education as well as allowing time for new students to enrol.

But it is reportedly a struggle to get children to enrol as some have to work to pay for the things they need, and there is also a common fear about going to school.

Human Rights Watch says these problems have been magnified due to the missing money in the aid budgets.

USAID, the government aid agency in the US, claimed it had $248 million (£186 million) available for school aid in Jordan last year, but the government in the country claimed it was only given $13 million (£9.7 million).

Human Rights Watch claims that countries donating to the cause did not stay true to their pledges for refugee schooling in Lebanon and the total was $97 million short of the $250 million pledge.

The largest donors include the UK, Germany, America, Norway, Japan and the European Union.

The communications officer for refugee agency UNHCR, Lisa Abou Khaled, also said that aid agencies based in Lebanon have a $25 million (£18.7 million) budget deficit.