talkFILM podcast: The Wife, Dusty & Me, Black 47 and Skate Kitchen

talkFILM podcast

Thursday, September 27, 2018

In this week's talkFILM podcast, Jamie East and co-host Hanna Flint talk The Wife, Dusty & Me, Black 47 and Skate Kitchen.

The English comedy film Dusty & Me, which is set in Yorkshire in 1977 and was released in 2016, reportedly left East "confused".

"I spent a lot of time going back and researching this film. I got sent a screener for it... the screener is two years old. Whenever I go on IMDB it's nowhere, on Rotten Tomatoes, it's nowhere, I can't find this film," he said.

According to Flint, the film's stand-out actress is Lesley Sharp of Full Monty fame, but critiqued its exaggeration of Yorkshire.

"As someone who lived in Doncaster for 10 years, I find it just a bit frustrating, this exaggerated version of people from Yorkshire. It's this constant working class narrative."

Also up for discussion was Glenn Close's latest project, The Wife.

Close plays Joan, who is the wife to a world-famous author called Joe.

The film, set in the 90s, follows the couple's journey to Stockholm to collect Joe's Nobel Peace Prize.

"I guarantee after you've seen the film in its entirety you will want to go back and watch it again from a completely different perspective," East said.


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