talkRADIO poll: Just 7% want Tony Blair to return to politics

Tony Blair

Only 7 per cent of respondents want Tony Blair to return to frontline politics

Thursday, February 28, 2019

A talkRADIO poll has found only 7 per cent of respondents would like Tony Blair to return to politics with a role in the Independent Group.

Of the 3,300 people asked in the week-long poll, an overwhelming 93 per cent said they would not like to see the former Prime Minister return to frontline politics.

There has been speculation that Mr Blair would be the next high-profile figure to join the centrist party, with betting agency Betways giving odds of 5/2 for him joining the group.


Mr Blair said last year that he fears Labour was now a “different type of Labour Party”, fuelling speculation that he may leave the party he once led into three consecutive election victories.

Speaking at an event in Washington DC recently, Mr Blair praised the Independent Group’s “fightback” against Jeremy Corbyn’s “mind-boggling politics”.

He added: “These are new times. We need, despite our moderation, to embrace the spirit of insurgency.

“We need new ideas and thinking on policy. Above all, we need to wake up, gird up, stand up and summon up the strength and intelligence to prevail.”