talkRADIO star Harriet Minter says Catherine Deneuve is wrong: 'If someone keeps hitting on you when you're not interested, that's harassment'

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A leading journalist has suggested Catherine Deneuve could be encouraging sexual harassment after the veteran French actress defended men who wish to "seduce women."

Julia Hartley-Brewer spoke to Harriet Minter, a journalist and host of talkRADIO's Badass Women's Hour, after Catherine Denuve and dozens of other well-known French women signed a letter suggesting men have a right to "hit on" women. Deneuve has been widely condemned in the wake of the letter's publication.

Minter said she agrees there's a difference between "sexual harassment and a clumsy pass" adding "it would be a terrible world if we couldn't express an attraction to someone."

However she added: "Somebody persistently making a pass at you when you've made it quite clear you're not interested - that's harassment".

Julia countered by saying that campaigns such as the #MeToo movement can create a climate of fear for young girls, encouraging them to think that "if you step outside your front door people will grab your breasts."

The pair also spoke about the recent protest at the Golden Globes, which saw several women were all black as a way of denouncing the recent sex harassment scandal in Hollywood.

Julia said the actresses, many of whom wore revealing outfits, were "sending Mixed messages - 'I'm not a sex object and here are my breasts.'"

She also suggested several actresses who have made sexual abuse allegations chose voluntarily not to speak out, making the choicde that "I'd rather be a Hollywood starlet than bring this guy down."

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