talkRADIO takes Tesco to task over dodgy turkey

Kirsten Shore was one of several people who complained

talkRADIO has contacted Tesco for a response

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

talkRADIO has been taking on supermarket giant Tesco after a customer had her Christmas day ruined by a dodgy turkey.

Kirsten Shore, who spoke to Mike Graham on our show this morning, says the turkey she bought from her local Tesco tasted of bleach and had to be binned, along with the rest of the family's Christmas dinner.

The debacle was all the more damaging because it was Shore's first year hosting Christmas dinner with her new husband.

Shore told us it was "All a massive disaster" and the taste of the turkey was "vile" when she put it in her mouth.

Shore said she contacted Tesco on Christmas day but they have yet to reply, two days on.

"The fact that they haven't even got the decency to just say 'we're going to look into it'... it's awful," Shore told Mike this morning.

"I want another Christmas day for my family. It's ruined my first Christmas with my husband."

Shore is one of several people who've complained about the turkeys served up by Tesco over the Christmas period. Fellow customer Craig Taylor said the smell of the turkey he bought was "disgusting" while Karen Carter wrote that her bird was "stinking and rotten."

talkRADIO contacted Tesco for a response, and the company has now come back to us, saying: "We have exceptionally high standards so we can investigate the small number of complaints in recent days."

The company also says it will respond to customers who purchased inedible turkeys individually.

Listen to Shore's interview above.