talkRADIO's new Westminster mole HP Source gives Mike Graham and Katie Perrior all the gossip from Parliament

HP Source gives Mike Graham and Katie Perrior all the gossip from Parliament

HP Source revealed the latest Parliament gossip

Thursday, February 8, 2018

If you're anything like us, you'll be desperate to know what goes on in the hallowed halls of Westminster, and find out what MPs get up to when the cameras aren't rolling.

Forget the Commons grandstanding and beefy Brexit debates. It's time we heard about the important stuff - like what food they serve in the canteen, and whether the ancient Palace of Westminster has any pest control issues.

So talkRADIO has roped in its very own Parliamentary mole, with the code name 'HP Source' to give us all the goss - and he gave his first dispatch to Mike Graham and Katie Perrior this week.

Our insider revealed that this week is New Zealand week in the canteen and staff are serving lamb and black pudding wrap with beetroot hummus. He also said there has been a macaroni cheese series, which included haggis cumberland sausage and stilton mac and cheese.

HP told us the worst meal he's ever eaten - a noodle dish that had tofu and bananas in it. Katie, who previously served as Theresa May's communications guru, revealed that her own worst Parliamentary meal was jerk salmon - suggesting that the people serving the food are more imaginative than some of the elected representatives in the chamber.

The source also said mice and rats are "actually an institution in Parliament the rats and the mice politicians come and go."

HP said he once hid his biscuits in a drawer thinking they wouldn't be able to get to them but he found "they’d managed to get in the drawer and start eating them."

There is also a new art installation which has "a little black room, you go inside and it's dark in there. Interestingly its got some benches and pillows in there."

Katie has asked him to find out if anyone gets drunk and goes to sleep in there for next week.

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